Why Should Marketers Focus on YouTube?

YouTube is a blue ocean that no one is exploring.

Over the last year, however, conversations has shifted because people are starting to experience a bit more uncertainty and frustration with using Facebook ads. People’s accounts are getting banned and ad fatigue is setting in quickly.

YouTube, though, is seeing user growth. The platform has generally held a large, younger audience and now, due to pandemic conditions, even more people are watching video there. 

The beauty of this growth is that everyone who watches video on YouTube is very familiar with advertising in the content, and in the same way they view a business advertising on television as successful, they’re likely to class a business that’s advertising on YouTube as successful. 

That viewer mentality means that you can advertise on YouTube with a budget of $5 per day and still have a credible impact.

In addition, YouTube is a great branding tool. It lets people see and get to know who you are as a brand. As the recognition deepens, everything you do will often see a lift in performance.

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