Great Customer Relations Starts With Lead Generation

Introduce yourself and say, “I would like to ask a favor – would you put my cards on your counter?” Show them your 40 cards in the little individual rack. Ask for their cards – “I’ll display your cards in my shop.” 

This works like a charm! The famous review service (YELP) is a powerful lead generator. Most people do not realize that they must register their business with YELP. 

Get registered at both, now! Start writing YELP reviews on every business service you use. Write honest reviews. Your reviews will be posted by YELP only after you have written multiple reviews. Online lead production. How do you get leads online? 

There are several ways – it is a big subject. You Tube clips seem to have more power than ever. If you don’t know how to make and upload YouTube clips, consider investing the time. Another time tested method is to create simple but powerful capture website pages. These pages typically make a true and powerful offer of something of real value, for free. What ever you do, never stop generating leads. 

Build sustainable systems that are easy to maintain. You will be a big success.

There are many different solutions for generating and locating your next lead. Radio & TV advertising are very popular with companies ready to spend millions for a 60 second Super Bowl spot. Some of those commercials may be memorable, but the ROI of those multi-million dollar investments can be difficult to track. 

Moreover, while they may be good for generating business long-term and building brand equity, they are usually not the most effective in selling more now. Direct mail was an oft-seen but now decreasingly used marketing medium, perhaps with the rise of the Internet. 

While some may argue that the decline in competition makes direct mail more effective, for many companies, it’s still tough to justify a 20 page color brochure when 98% of recipients will immediately put it in the recycling bin. A less expensive alternative may be to send a postcard with a link to a 20-page online brochure. It would also be easier on the environment.

I like computers.

Really, I do. But there are times when they (like any technologically sophisticated object) can confound. When they aren’t working the way we expect them to–or more often, the way we want them to–we have to work to figure out if it is broken, if there is a temporary glitch, or if we are simply doing something wrong.

Your sales lead generation efforts face the same issues. There are many factors that go into your lead generation process and, when it isn’t working well, it can be a challenge to figure out where the problem lies. For the next few posts, we’ll be looking at what might be happening in a lead generation breakdown, and what you can do to fix it.

There are 3 basic component parts to a lead generation program, and one or all of these items can breakdown. Let’s look first at the individual parts: The lead generator, the contact list and the program script.

It is quite evident that sales force is being reduced in every organization the world over, therefore marketing now has to take over the role of lead qualification, cultivation and nurturing from sales.

The idea is to stress on generating more and more sales leads since it is quite natural that all leads will not yield the same level or quality of prospects. New and innovative methods have to be devised for achieving this goal, ways that don’t put pressure on already limited resources and yet produce spectacular results.

A good company website, email and search engine have proved to be the leading performers in lead generation in recent times. Use of social media sites has proved beneficial as it helps widening the contact network and also gives an excellent and accurate idea of what market demands are. It also helps in staying in regular touch with the customers and prospective buyers. All the surveys clearly indicate that social media is a rage not only among the youth but across all sections of society today, and there can be no better way for reaching out to masses than using this new platform that has revolutionized communications in the recent years.

Development of fascinating content, including Ebooks, Webinars, and Powerpoint presentations etc. that appeals to the target audience can be another important aspect of lead generation for all the organizations. Good content can never fail to produce results, and organizations definitely need to tighten their belts and work on this front.

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